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These coolers feature a professional carbonator so can dispense ambient, cold and sparkling water. Their high cooling capacity makes them ideal for large households, offices, small bars and cafeterias serving water by the glass. At just 24 cm wide, they are perfect  where space is at a premium.

  • These models use the exclusive Zerica Silver Turbo Clean system. Its chief feature consists in the automatic production of a vortex of water whenever water is dispensed, preventing biofilm formation of on the inner walls so making a significant contribution to the system’s general hygiene. In addition, the sealed stainless steel cooling chamber Is welded together using silver, a material well known for its antibacterial properties. 100 bar;
  • Quick-fit connections make this system simple to install and no tools are required.   No tank or levels to check. The stainless steel cooling circuit does away with the need for periodic and costly sanitisation routines, leaving you free to drink in safety;
  • The design of the carbonation system is also covered by a Zerica patent and gives double the CO2 delivery capacity compared to conventional systems;
  • Nothing is ignored or left to chance in a Zerica cooler so a great deal of attention has been paid to the noiseless operation of the system.  The components have been carefully selected and measures taken at the design stage to make these systems acoustically unobtrusive.


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